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Girls4Science Directors

Jackie Lomax Jackie Lomax
Executive Director

Meet the Founder: Jackie Lomax

Jackie Lomax graduated from the University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications. In 2005 she completed accreditation for Early Childhood Education. In 1999, Jackie launched Lomax Leisure Tours and worked to promote African American themed itineraries for Chicago Public School students. In the past she has worked with the indigenous people of Mexico and Bolivia to help build roads, schools, and water filtration systems with the Archdiocese of Joliet, IL. Her interest in working with people from underserved communities continues with the Chicago Roseland Development Coalition. She is a board member with CRDC and serves as a Career Counselor.

Through her daughter's expressed interest in science; Girls 4 Science was founded. The lack of available science programs for minority girls under 12 years of age was a challenge she hoped to solve. Jackie surveyed the community and a plan of action was created to develop a science club exclusively for girls. The organization would work to provide hands on experience and professional mentorships to girls of minority decent. No longer would girls be left behind in the fields of science and technology due to money or resources.

Game Changer Jackie Lomax

Dr Onome Alabi Dr. Onome Alabi
Program Director

Meet the Program Director: Dr Onome Alabi

"One teaches best by example"
— Dr. Evelyn Boyd Granville, 20th C. Mathematician

This quote is most inspirational for me, which is why I decided to contribute my knowledge, and expertise in science to encourage, motivate, and challenge girls to pursue science and engineering careers. I am a science teacher, and a parent whose daughter is interested in becoming a Pediatrician. Girls 4 Science has made it possible for me to teach science and help in fulfilling my daughter's future goal.

I have 16 years of teaching experience in public school. I presently teach forensic science to seniors and biology to freshmen


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