“As a Mom in Chicago, you really have too supplement education. I’ve always felt that Chicago gives a nice foundation; but It’s up to the parents to really hone in and expose the children to different careers, so that it broadens their horizons... I appreciate that about Girls 4 Science. It opens up their eyes at this very crucial stage. My daughter is going into the 6th grade.”

Cristin Zollicoffer

Parent of Participant

ABOUT Girls 4 Science

More than ever, female youth in Chicago need to feel safe, confident and capable of contributing to society in ways they are passionate about have the potential to make a difference. Girls 4 Science believes that STEM achievement and innovation is a solution.
Nationally, there are noted disparities in access to employment in STEM between women and men.  Of all engineers, only 14% are women and 5% are African American. G4S is committed to making STEM exposure and learning accessible and fun so girls can confidently pursue the advanced study of science and compete for opportunities in STEM fields. G4S will change the trajectory of the lives of many deserving young girls in Chicago.

What We Do: Girls 4 Science is a non-profit organization that addresses the lack of accessible quality science programs for female youth in the Chicagoland area. We believe science exposure and increased scientific literacy will equip young women to confidently pursue STEM studies and careers.

History: In 2008, Jackie Lomax’s daughter expressed interest in a career in science. When she was unable to find a community-based science program to help her achieve her dreams, Jackie ambitiously set out to create one. With support from the local community, she created a plan to provide hands-on experience and professional mentorship in STEM to develop academic skills, self-esteem, and strong relationships to increase professional opportunities in STEM fields. The first session in 2009 drew almost 40 girls. Today, Girls 4 Science is making science a reality for her daughter and over 500 other young women in the city of Chicago.

How do we accomplish our mission:

• Collaboration: Meaningful long-term partnerships with organizations, companies and individuals allow G4S to access premier space and resources to provide participants with the premier technology and quality instruction.

• Scientific Discovery: We believe merely talking about science is not enough – hands-on scientific exploration and discovery is crucial to increased interest in science and scientific literacy.

• Accessibility: G4S operates as a free Saturday Science Academy. The open enrollment policy does not discriminate on the basis of financial status.

• Mentorship: G4S creates on-going mentorship opportunities that increase young women’s access to information while building relationships with role models that will help participants prepare for the future.

• Community Engagement: Raising awareness about women in STEM is key to increasing community interest in girls in science. We hold events in the community to spread the word about women’s achievement in math and science and tear down any negative stereotypes.


Our Sponsors

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Girls4Science is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.